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We have an idea for Anti-Slavery International going live this week. It’s to raise awareness of child slavery in Ivory Coast’s cocoa production. A new report by Anti-Slavery International has […]

Flush Tracker

We’ve just launched Flush tracker an idea for Domestos, we were briefed to help raise awareness of World Toilet Day (no, not a joke, a serious matter, you ignorant bastards). […]

The Most Refreshing Pint.

Our first piece of work for Strongbow has just gone live. Strongbow’s strategy is about hard working men earning their refreshment. Our idea is a massive pint of Strongbow sitting […]

Emirates: Twexican Wave

As the ingenious title suggests, for the World Cup we are bringing the mexican wave to twitter. Hopefully spreading in people’s own twitter timelines as they change their profile picture, […]

Dr Pepper status takeover.

We’ve just launched a facebook app for Dr Pepper, it plays on the line ‘What’s the worst that could happen” You let Dr Pepper take over your status updates, the […]

Do they know it’s web 2.0 (Tweet the world)

Our agency band Pipette of Sweat have recorded a Christmas charity single, with special guests. Watch it here And please dip into those big digital pockets of yours and donate, […]

Why make ads when you should be reading about them?

Way back in 98′ whilst on the trail to becoming a creative team (in shock horror a traditional agency, to be fair digital didn’t really exist then) there were a […]


The Last Call 24hr music phone dance off is now live. As it is a Europeon event I wish all my friends from overseas bad luck as GBR will kick […]

European nutters dance for cash.

Hello all, we have a new Samsung Project nearing a live state. From 6pm 7th July we will be streaming a LIVE 24hr interactive TV show. (but not on TV!) […]

fat designers rejoice!

We have a solution: