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Is Peep Culture the New Pop Culture?

Since I wrote my essay for the book 12 months ago, we have been working at Tribal DDB Amsterdam to find a better framework to explain social media campaigns (which […]

Audi R8

This is the new Audi R8 site from GT. It’s all about time, engineering and beauty.

Advertising and the environment

Asking advertising people, digital or otherwise, to blog about the environment seems a bit like asking a Columbian drugs cartel for their thoughts on rehab programs. We tend to be […]

Interesting 2007

� Daniele is onto something with his Erotic Film post from Interesting 2007 – trying to apply the rules of making a porn film to online advertising is pretty much what […]

Pitching web vs pitching offline

Here’s one that’s been bugging me and it could be one to discuss this evening at the social. Why, in a pitch, do clients often have to see web page […]

Wieden’s new site

I’m sure you’ve all seen Wieden’s latest site – I like the fact that an agency has actually done what we all want to do and invested some real time and money into […]