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Top 10 best uses of Youtubers in Advertising

The phenomenon of YouTubers becoming the new celebrity is not a new one (see ‘Talent Tube: how Britain’s new YouTube superstars built a global fanbase’) but it is one I […]


Pick of the week: Paddington Trails

I absolutely love this campaign. At a time when we talk about advertising needing to enhance people’s lives (when I was at Cheil we termed this Lifeshare), this campaign for […]


Stuffocation, secret cinema and the art of experientialism

A couple of weeks ago James Wallman, the author of stuffocation, was at our agency speaking to Cheil’s senior management and telling a beautiful story about his grandpa. The truth […]


By Day By Night – Top Tips

Last night CS presents was entitled ‘By Day By Night’ which is really quite apt when you consider that we are celebrating 10 years of Creative Social. For those that […]


Role of Innovation with Ad Agencies (revisited)

Before I joined Cheil as Head of Innovation, I asked a number of friends to give me their views of the role of innovation within ad agencies. Well 18 months […]


SXSW – Official CS Round Up

SXSW So SXSW was last month and hopefully those that did not make it have had some time to catch up. However if you haven’t I thought it would be […]


Creative Social on the Rise

There is no pause button when it comes to cultural trends. Rise (from Getty Images) takes what’s happening right now and turns it into quick visuals that fuel you with […]

Thoughts from Socials at Cannes

I know it’s been a couple of week’s since Cannes and much has been written about this year’s Festival of Creativity but thought it would be worth collecting some thoughts […]

CS Presents…..NO! (to gamification, desks and many other things)

Last week we were privileged to have some of the most creative people I know speak at CS presents. The evening was creatively entitled quite simply NO! It was this […]

Thoughts from SXSW and Top Tips for 2013

Okay, it’s now just over a week since I got back from SXSW and I am already getting withdrawal from all the BBQ meat – I am planning a trip […]