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We should be Hit Makers

Please, before you continue reading this, have a browse of your Spotify, SoundCloud or iTunes playlists. In fact, press PLAY and enjoy some of your favorite tracks while reading this […]

One wine, a thousand conversations

Source: Contagious Magazine To encourage people to drink more Argentinean wine, we at BBDO together with the National Fund Wine Fund launched a campaign with a TV spot showing a […]

It’s all about the experience – Nike AIR Live Show

It was at least challenging working with Nicolas Pimentel -Director of + castro innovation house- on this project for Nike. The objective was to do something different for the launching […]

Less tools, more communication

We can put together a fan page in Facebook, add a new profile in Twitter, make a track list in tune with our own brand at Spotify, hire an adwords […]

Being an early abandoner is an option

We are overwhelmed. Bombarded. Stunned. Overexposed. Every X amount of days, something new grabs the attention of all the people who, in one way or another, work in or is […]

A 10K marathon LIVE from the INSIDE: Twittering while running in Buenos Aires

Months ago, I spent some days in London after the 2009 edition of the Microsoft Mouse Awards (where I had the privilege to spend a couple of days with some […]

Advergames: not the hype, but still alive and kicking

A couple of months ago, Martina from Adverblog posted something about advergames might have gone out of fashion. I agree, nowadays this games developed for campaings are not the hype […]

The future then and now

A couple of days ago some ideas and images about the relationship between technology and the everyday life came to my mind while I was reading this interesting post from […]