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The Filter (revisited) #csbook

I had lunch the other day with a friend who told me how he sometimes walks into WHSmith’s and buys obscure magazines just for the heck of it – no, […]

Bricklane Chainsaw Massacre.

To be honest with you, I had a little go at Daniele a while back about the typography of our book and he quite rightly told me to go and […]

What Warhol would have done with the web

As you probably know, Coops and I are often talking about what Warhol would have done with the web. So I have taken the posthumous liberty to turn our very […]

Fry Deconstructed

You know it happens sometimes when the stars align, and when the lovely people at Penguin asked us to create an app for @stephenfry’s upcoming novel “The Fry Chronicles”, boy […]

Failed Rockers in The Product Testing Institute

A little film we made for Sony Ericsson to launch the new Xperia X10 in the US featuring Glam Rockers. What else? This is the first of 6. The next […]

Twitter- A lot of hot air Brock Craft and team explain how the live hopper installation works. Pumping up hoppers with Twitter. Because we can.


Ole! Just gone liveos. Enjoyos.

Waterslide Extreme iPhone App

Waterslide Extreme Originally uploaded by Flo Heiss Yo. Just gone live. In the App Store: just search ‘Barclaycard’ In iTunes go to:

The Things and Zombies

The Things and Zombies Originally uploaded by Flo Heiss As you might know, I have been collecting The Things that are done to death in digital on a post-it over […]

Want this?

Enter this. Gold_Pencil Originally uploaded by Flo Heiss