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#CSinterviews Jonathan Kenyon, Founder / ECD, Vault49, NYC

How would you describe your job to an alien? I’m like a bumblebee! Flying around from plant to plant within Vault49 helping ideas cross-pollinate so our studio can make sweet […]

MXP Marcus Hane

Mr. President launch ‘Breaking the Triangle’

As festival season hits full swing, professional fence jumper and festival break-in merchant Marcus Haney today releases his latest film documenting one of his most ambitious stunts yet. Breaking into […]


Creative Social By Day, By Night: Shoreditch House, 7th July 19.00

Creative Social is a passion project for its co-founders, Daniele Fiandaca and Mark Chalmers and for the last decade they have been driving it outside their day jobs. In this […]


Cannes Workshop – from Good to Great

It was lovely to catch up with so many Socials and Friends last week at Cannes. While it is most definitely a time to catch up with old friends, network […]


#InsideViews These Days Y&R, Antwerp

These Days Y&R has a beautiful space located in Antwerp. This has been their creative base for over 3 years and as you can see in the photos below, they […]


#CSinterviews Vincent Meunier, Director of Digital and Marketing Analytics, The Absolut Company

How would you describe our job to an alien? My job is to drive the digital acceleration of The Absolut Company (TAC). I make sure that the organization articulates how […]


Best Piece of Advice Ever, Shoreditch House, 27th May

Best Piece of Advice Ever 27th May 2015 Shoreditch House, London   Creative Social’s co-founder, Daniele Fiandaca, will be joined by business leaders and creatives from the media and creative […]


#CSinterviews Kat Gordon, Founder, The 3% Conference

Your name and title? Kat Gordon, Founder/CEO, The 3% Conference How would you describe The 3% Conference to an alien? You know how you feel weird and different here on […]

Lovie Awards 2015 – Final Entry Deadline

  Are You The Best in Europe? We’re sure you’d agree that Europe’s creative industry is constantly bursting with amazing work. And that’s why our friends at The Lovie Awards […]


Creative Hero’s Award – In Place of War

Earlier this year Creative Social was invited to speak at the brilliant IAM Weekender, a celebration of internet culture and a bringing together of a wonderfully eclectic group of people. […]