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Would the Last Person to Leave Please Turn Out the Enlightenment?

So, how many advertising people does it take to change a light bulb? Or put another way, to bring a brand to life? Until relatively recently, the answer was simple: […]

She Says launches our inaugral Golden Stiletto Award in London next Wednesday

Sorry for all you blokes – this first one is still women-only at the event, but once we get it done and dusted, 2009 should see a bigger and more […]

Great Spanish designer dude looking for work…

Hey there all, Got a lot on at the moment, and surprised to be launched of the lurker list and thrust into action but I’ve met a brilliant interactive designer/concepter […]

SheSays 1st Birthday Party coming up!

Hello all! Crack open the champers, it’s birthday time, and we wouldn’t have had such a great year without all of you and your fabulous legs! So, we’d like to […]


Working on my book chapter (between teething and nappies) at the moment, which is all about collaboration. DO we do it better than traditional agencies? and why? I’m looking for […]

Digital what’s what – glossary of terms

Hey all, As part of the CS book currently in the works, we would like to include a digital glossary of terms, to assist those with limited digital knowledge (and […]

Creative Social goes… err… analog…

As those of you who answered the call for potential contributors for our crazy idea of a CS book (hatched at CS Berlin) will already be aware, our proposal has […]

For all of you in NY…

An ex-placement of ours, Christian Walden,  is currently looking for work over there… He left us to return to college in Germany a year or so ago,  but was super-efficient, […]