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Playground Sleepless

Playground stores is a specialist retailer of hiking and outdoor equipment, we created this campaign just before the Summer. The insight was based on a physical studied written by the […]

How Hetero Are You?

  This is our latest campaign for Stockholm Pride festival, the site simply analyzes a person’s Twitter account gives an assessment of how gay or straight they are.  Just write […]

The Playground barometer

I know what you are going to say “its a banner ad” and a lot of creative’s think that way when it comes to online ads. They would rather put […]

Steffan the swooper

Our brief was to stimulate the posting of parcels and increase the knowledge about Posten’s services among youth, without spending one penny on media. The solution was Stefan the Swopper, […]

Introducing Miss Fiffi

I’ve mentioned this campaign to a few socials, and got some very strange reactions (whether to believe me or not). Its quite a controversial ad campaign for some people, but […]

Have you found your perfect dance match?

The Viking Line boat cruises out of Stockholm in Sweden are well known for its fabulous none stop partying. Almost anything can happen on the boat, especially the meeting between […]