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Are clients ready to let digital agencies take the lead? (Roundtable summary #cssf)

Background We have beaten the digital vs advertising debate to death and all agree that it is simply the best agencies that will succeed. However the debate does not seem […]

Mauro Gatti. Funny guy. Great artist.

Yes. We were in Florence. But we were hard at work. The first afternoon Mark & Daniele even stashed us  in a cellar while it was 30°C outside. That’s where […]


So annoying and hypocritical. I’m talking about car companies that are actually now using the green theme to sell more cars. In Belgium I saw at least four brands in […]

A Global Warning

  We just launched a campaign for the Nokia NSeries to make it (even more) clear that these devices are more and more competing with computers. As Nokia stated when […]

Damn, I which I we were a porn agency

Last time in Berlin somebody mentioned people of his agency appearing in their own creative. And I’m not talking about self-promotion (like this one from the LMFM crew that made […]

Wanted: goosepimps

Some time ago I did a presentation about emotions in interactive advertising. My point was that over the past few years there has been a lot of criticism towards interactive […]

Berlin round table: branded content

As much as I like branded content and I think part of the future of advertising is certainly to be found there, sometimes I kind of wonder how many people […]