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Animated Tattoo from the Human API

New from us @workclub for Ballantines. Coming soon from the Human API… and a fresh take on Graffiti:

From Alpha to Better: Online Advertising, from Then till Now

*UPDATE 06/11* Things that did not exist when this was written: iPad. Angry Birds. Bieber Fever Not to mention Twelpforce, Google Wallet and IBM’s Watson winning on Jeopardy. The internet […]

Do Lectures #1: Steve Edge

Meet Steve Edge. I was lucky enough to attend the Do Lectures the other week. An amazingly edifying weekend spent in tents in West Wales. It’s not every day you […]

F1 Status Update

For the early-nerds about to watch the Malaysian GP qualifying, just starting now..! We (Work Club & Pirata) have hopefully made the experience a little bit better for the McLaren […]

robot invades House of Parliament

Meet The Voicebot. It’s a very cool bit of industrial machinery which has been re-purposed by Sidekick Studios for a twisted new marketing campaign. Young people can go onto the […]

Merry Xmas and Sprouts

If only I knew that then …

I’m giving a talk in Rio next week to a bunch of design & advertising bods. (nice gig if you can get it eh) I intend to structure the talk […]