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Roundtables #csdam – Pricing the Value of an Idea

For the last couple of years we are facing an increasing pressure on rates. We are talking about hourly rates. Because that’s how we usually bill our work: On an […]

Experimenting with HTML5-Banners

When we began working on our iPad ads (see: Building Advertising on the iPad) we of course needed to understand the possibilities of HTML5. We are aware that it will […]

Building Advertising on the iPad

When the iPad came out it was immediately seen as the ultimate device for “publishing”. So it would not be long until magazines/publications would include advertising. But what we saw […]

Creative Social San Francisco – St. George Spirits Visit #cssf

After a day of meeting and talking to people that only do the stuff they really love doing (Blue Bottle, Pixar, as well as Brad and Michael the day before) […]

Socialism is Great – Growing Up in China

The session with Lijia Zhang gave a fascinating insight into growing up in China from two different generations.  On the one side there was Lijia Zhang. She was born in […]

Integrated Campaign for DB Schenker

We’ve just launched the global campaign for DB Schenker in print and online advertising in 40 countries. No “end consumer” knows DB Schencker – we know – but it is […]

Wait for September – IKEA Germany

IKEA has launched a Web 2.0-BigBrother-Version to promote the arrival of their new catalog. Point your browser to “Wait for September” and watch a guy calles Nils sitting in an […]

Viral Marketing Discussion

A viral video covering viral marketing was one of the most viewed virals in Germany last year (in the marketing community). It’s now published in English – and you might […]

Age Verification Without Dropdowns

Not shure how old this is – but it’s the best age verification I’ve seen for ages. Finally no more boring dropdowns that take ages to scroll. Seen at Heineken […]

Dynamic 3D Page from Japan

This site Eco Da Zoo was done by McCann Erickson in Japan to show you what you can do to live in a more enviromental friendly way. The stories are […]