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SXSW – Official CS Round Up

SXSW So SXSW was last month and hopefully those that did not make it have had some time to catch up. However if you haven’t I thought it would be […]

Political endorsement made easy

Endorsement. It’s a big bulky word. It’s really just telling the world which gang you’re in, which team you’re backing. In politics, it’s kind of the bread and butter of […]


Best Before Date

Catering to an audience of relentlessly knowledgable critics with five second attention spans means that novelty is and always will be the lifeblood of digital advertising. It also means that if […]


CS Presents… You Lucky B****rds – Why we’d love to be starting out right now

People b**** and moan about how hard it is to get into the industry these days, how internships are unpaid, how you have to make tea all day, brownnose and […]


Mobile App GoldRun Presents A Revolutionary Approach To Political Engagement With “Obama: #VisualizeTheVote”

Social and technology mediated political movements have demonstrated the power of the digital to govern the discourse in America. “Obama: #VisualizeTheVote is an innovative way to use smartphones and social […]


Creative Social on the Rise

There is no pause button when it comes to cultural trends. Rise (from Getty Images) takes what’s happening right now and turns it into quick visuals that fuel you with […]

Work Club measures thousands of football fans’ brainwaves to create Sharp FanLabs campaign

To support Sharp’s Sponsorship of the UEFA Euro 2012™, Work Club, the digital creative agency, is launching Sharp FanLabs, a unique research project monitoring the emotions of thousands of football […]

Volkswagen Singapore and Tribal DDB launch AR experience

A new augmented reality experience greeted Singaporeans on the first day of the New Year. An interactive print advertisement placed by Volkswagen Singapore in the local daily, The Straits Times, […]

Schweppes Profile App 2.0

Schweppes has released the successor of the Schweppes Profile App. A Facebook application which lets users create a personal look for their new Facebook Timeline profile design.

SoDA 2012

Share your opinions on digital marketing with the Society of Digital Agencies (SoDA). They have released their 2012 edition of the digital marketing outlook survey and are looking for industry […]