Will Video Games and TV Merge? 


The logic of media convergence permeates our everyday media experiences. It is common to see people watching television while going through their Twitter or Facebook timelines, or playing a casual […]

Musical Brands


The marriage of music and brand worlds provides a uniquely powerful tool for creating highly effective brand activities. For brands such as John Lewis, music has become a core element […]

Top 10 best uses of Youtubers in Advertising


The phenomenon of YouTubers becoming the new celebrity is not a new one (see ‘Talent Tube: how Britain’s new YouTube superstars built a global fanbase’) but it is one I […]

Video: Jessica Horwell, founder, Hardware LDN


As part of their insiders interview series, London discovery app Dojo interviewed fashion designer Jessica Horwell, the brains and braun behind the booming London inspired street wear brand Hardware LDN. […]

Mobile Gaming & Social Media in 2015

mobile and social 2015

Optimism is where it’s at in the mobile gaming sphere, which is set to overtake the console industry in the worldwide market. Exciting? Yes, but not a true slam dunk […]

CS Presents… Reasons to be Cheerful


CS Presents… Reasons to be Cheerful 17th February 2015, 19:00 to 22:00 DigitasLBi 146 Brick Lane E1 6RU London It may be cold outside with summer a long way off but […]

No Brown M&M’s


Independent production company Process have created a web series of 30-second videos this month that feature the things celebrities place on their riders, an often-hilarious list of items stars demand […]

#InsideViews HeyHuman, London



Best Film of the Last Decade


Over the last 10 years we have had the privilege of having some brilliant filmmakers speak to us as Creative Social – from Brad Bird at Pixar, to Lord Puttnam […]

10 Mind Blowing Audio Visual Shows


Electronic music has always had something of an image problem. Producers hovering over their laptops and knob-fiddling DJs get boring to look at pretty quickly, which is where visual production […]