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Chairman Meow

Here we go: Our (my!) group talked about awards, we had all been on major international juries this year, what were the trends, what was good/bad, what can we expect […]

SheSays UK April meeting

The next meeting is entitled ‘BECAUSE YOU’RE WORTH IT’ and we’ll talk to the girls about how to take their career further and get what they want in terms of professional development. […]

Communities as games

I was watching Mike’s presentation and it struck me that, although he wasn’t referring to anything new, the parallel with the logic of building a multiplayer game and building a […]

Time to think.

It’s very rare that a room full of creatives are silenced. Rarer when they are all different nationalities and again rarer when they are representing, owning in fact, different agencies […]

That's me that is

Some fantastic work again from all the Socials and looking forward to some of those breaking here on the blog in the next month of so. Particularly great to see […]

Back from Berlin

Another City. Another Social. An extremely inspirational 2 days in Berlin. Thanks to everyone who to part, with particular thanks to our sponsors (MSN) as well as our fantastic speakers: […]

Wieden's new site

I’m sure you’ve all seen Wieden’s latest site – I like the fact that an agency has actually done what we all want to do and invested some real time and money into […]

Berlin round table: branded content

As much as I like branded content and I think part of the future of advertising is certainly to be found there, sometimes I kind of wonder how many people […]

Mike Williams – Brand New World

We’re delighted announce Mike Williams speaking in Creative Social Berlin Friday Mike Williams, senior consultant, Enterprise IG “Mike lives and breathes the internet, he has a latent knowledge of what […]

Strindberg & Helium

Here’s a lovely little piece from a few years back which deserves another look. A pub conversation about helium inhalation reminded me of what must be one of the most […]