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Do believe the hype…

The reviews for the I-phone are out and the consensus is that it matches most of the hype. In fact the biggest gripe is that it is currently only available […]

One graph says so much

via Lost Remote

In your face (…couldn’t resist)

Since most of you are now on Facebook I thought I’d tell you about a project we’ve done with them.The page pictured here is for O2’s Favorite Place, a new […]

Cannes Cyber (Eurovision style)

Taking a very basic scoring system (Grand Prix 4, Gold 3, Silver 2 & Bronze 1), the country table across the Advertising and Viral categories looks as follows: 1st US […]

Cannes Winners

Well just got back from Cannes – and what a great 3 days. A fantastic lunch and even better evening on the Wednesday. Photos can be found here from the […]

No more the Young Pretenders

Interesting article in Marketing Week about the rise of digital agencies.

Damn, I which I we were a porn agency

Last time in Berlin somebody mentioned people of his agency appearing in their own creative. And I’m not talking about self-promotion (like this one from the LMFM crew that made […]

Live from Cannes

The shortlists were announced yesterday for digital and by country Brazil has stormed it. Top 8 in the advertising categories is as follows: Brazil (48) USA (38) UK (20) Germany […]

The Book Part 2 – Topics

Hi, Flo, Laura and myself have been making some progress on the book. It is currently shaping up as past, present and future. Topics under these categories looking as follows: […]

So bad it's good!

Can anything be so bad it’s good? Well go to the new Aboslute Hyundai site and click on “If You So Hyundai Click Here to Hear Our Famous Jingle.” which […]