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Alternative Energy

Absolutely loved this alternative energy ad by Epuron. Made me smile on a Monday morning.

Creatives behind the lens

Creatives Behind The Lens is a photography competition brought to you from Corbis, in association with Creative Review, open to anyone working in the creative industry, excluding professional photographers. There […]

Puma Tribes

This was a joint collaboration between our London and Japan teams for Puma. You (provided you are in Japan!!) can completely standardise your team’s kit, with over 10,000 unique combinations, […]

Will the iPhone blend

BIT.FALL Aquadisplay

Here’s a cool thing to add surprise to installations and exhibitions. When you first see it you assume it’s projecting text onto a wall of water, but it’s much more […]

Web Trend Map

iA (information Architects Japan) have updated their web trends map -the 200 most successful websites on the web, ordered by category, proximity, success, popularity and perspective. The full map can […]

A Global Warning

  We just launched a campaign for the Nokia NSeries to make it (even more) clear that these devices are more and more competing with computers. As Nokia stated when […]

We can't top Spike Lee but…

This is our latest work for Virgin. After a bittersweet win in the D&AD’s we tried to do something a bit different. It is to promote Virgin Bets and in […]

Recommendations – Socials, Press and Juries.

Who’s out there making a good creative digital dent in our industry? As we look to Asia and Latin America for future Socials, we ofcourse want to invite the innovators […]

First iPhone for Keep A Child Alive charity

Here is our very own Johnny V buying the first ever iPhone in Apple’s Soho store with Spike Lee. This was part of a campaign to raise money for the […]