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When world's collide

Interesting talk from Cannes by Matt Dyke and Vincent Thome at Tribal DDB, especially as it reflects many of the discussions from previous Creative Socials

simple interactivity

i was sent this simple interactivity the other day. Limmy’s Xylophone. beyond the fact there may well be an element of truth in it, it’s refreshing to find and be […]

Site is up – now we need your help ; )

The SheSays site went up yesterday and it would be great if you could show us your support by leaving a message on the home page. There’s a link called ‘click here to […]

Blog Action Day (15th October)

A very nice initiative. More details here. Would be good if we could all contribute. Any ideas for what we can do? Several thoughts: Showcase the best sites promoting a […]

The 1st Annual Digital Crayfish Party

Those more than Perfect Fools in Stockholm are uniting the industry shortly in the 1st Annual Digital Crayfish Party. Our very own Nicke and Matias are delivering the keynote speech. […]

Help. We need a sexy title for our book.

As you might know, Daniele, Laura, Mark and myself are working on this book we’ve spoken about in Berlin. Actually Laura, collecting all the contributors’ topics, bios and synopses, has […]

For all of you in NY…

An ex-placement of ours, Christian Walden,  is currently looking for work over there… He left us to return to college in Germany a year or so ago,  but was super-efficient, […]

And here's how James looks like in skinny jeans

One more from the SheSays crew. This ones stars James Cooper, Andy Sandoz – again ; ) – and James Hilton at a Marketing Week conference where no one knew […]