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Working on my book chapter (between teething and nappies) at the moment, which is all about collaboration. DO we do it better than traditional agencies? and why? I’m looking for […]

The best web 2.0 song in the world ever. vol 1

2007 saw a lot of conferences with a lot of people talking about web 2.0. It inspired us to write a song, watch it and you will never have to […]

Past and Future

Not sure whether anyone saw it but thought might be interested in seeing what our very own Johnny Vulkan had to say about the lasy 12 months in Business Week. […]

Lord Puttnam on Climate Change

This is the video we showed in CS Sao Paolo where David talks about the issue of Climate Change. If only going to watch one part of the interview, I […]

Merry Xmas and Sprouts

Merry Christmas and free sprouts from us at Work Club

LP (Part 3)

… on writers new playground, what is on his I-pod and children in Britain

Interview with LP (Part 2)

In this section of the interview, David gives his views on what the biggest challenges are for major broadcasters

An Interview with Lord Puttnam (Part 1)

At the Creative Social in Berlin, we talked about the need for senior more experienced people to enter the digital advertising arena. As many of you know Lord Puttnam rejoined […]

Roundtable topic: Next generation of talents

All over the world we are sharing one question: “Where can we find the best talents?” Since several years the most universities and schools are teaching the whole digital stuff. […]

Forrester: Web Shops Not Ready to Lead

Article in Ad Age which concludes that Web Shops not ready to lead. The main thing this highlights is how different the European market is to the US market with […]