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Overly Intrusive?

Do you remember when awards categories seemed to be awash with ads which took over the page and really obscured the content? Thankfully we have seen less and less of […]

Keep Life Sexy

It just didn’t seem right for a lubricant brand like K-Y to give the definition of “sexy”, so we asked the world to tell K-Y what sexy is. The latest […]

Lynx Dissected

I was really trying to avoid writing about this campaign despite the fact that it is the first piece of work since BBH won Lynx (see Our New Competition). However […]

The latest FRANK campaigns

I am proud to say Profero has just been on an exciting and challenging journey with FRANK. It started last June when we were tasked with a new digital campaign […]

Monkeying around in NY

This is what happens when you mix Creative Social, New York, a Friday night and Louisa St. Pierre. My highlight was realising that Jeremy was the same Jeremy from Jeremyville […]

Creative Social SÃO PAULO – Ronaldo Lemos

Here I am, probably the last one, sorry, guys. It is the typical ‘NEVER wait to do what you can do today’ or whatever the say is in proper English. […]

Ronaldo vs Bugatti Veyron

A little film I wrote that’s been quite big. The only day Ronaldo was available was during Creative Social Sao Paulo. So i had to choose: meet Ronaldo and drive […]

Dec Creative Showcase Winner Announced

The winner (no real shock there) is the brilliant Never Ending Orange Website by Poke. First runner up was our very own Socialites from LMFM who produced a campaign for […]

Tribal DDB – Global Network of the year

AdAge announced yesterday that Tribal DDB was the Global Network of 2007, the first time a digital network has picked up the award. More details can be found here. Well […]

K-Swiss Free Running

Great to see all of the folks who turned up at the dinner in New York last Friday. Our week last week started out with the launch of the new […]