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"In real life we got something better to do"

Originally uploaded by Carolina Vallejo. When we thought the meeting at Castello di Nipozzano couldn’t get any better, brothers Marco and Saverio Lanza blew up our minds with their work. […]

Advertising is dead.

IMG_1595.JPG Originally uploaded by Flo Heiss After an amazing 243 course round table meal sampling Piero’s family wines on the Frescobaldi Nipozzano Estate outside Florence we decided we would hold […]

Get closer to Hyper Island

It was great to have Mattias, CEO of Hyper Island, involved with Creative Social and I am extremely excited by the prospect of delivering a course together for the new […]

That's Me That Is (Florence)

For someone who has vocally been critical of the digital work in 2007, I certainly saw far more reason to be positive about 2008 with some of the work that […]

Life's too short for the wrong job!

…just like shown today in Firenze: Did you ever have the feeling that your computer is alive? Acting a little strange? Well – it’s because they are not just machines […]

Mouse Love

We don’t fight – we spread love!

Creative Social Florence

Starts today at 2pm. We are delighted to announce that Piero Frescobaldi, Founder of Unit 9, is this CS’s president and we have a fantastic line up in store. Creative […]

D&AD Nominations Announced

D&AD Nominations and In Book can be found here In the main digital categories there were only 5 nominations (vs Prior Year – 15) in Online Advertising, 8 (PY – […]

Featuring Mark Chalmers on Keyboards…

This morning I was going through my twitter feed and a few people were going nuts for the new Jamie Lidell album. I have to say I hadn’t heard of […]

Did YoU Say PENCIL? I give you a PEncil!!!!!

fight_fight_fight Originally uploaded by Flo Heiss