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Difficult is worth doing

The rather brilliant Honda ad that aired live on UK tv last night. The background to the ad can be found here. Love it. Well done W&K.

Perhaps the most surreal ad ever

The weirdest bit though is this is the edited version following an initial release of this ad here which was updated because according to Kia Motors: “After reviewing the comments […]

The Last Supper

Recreated by Creative Social Florence. A big thanks to Pablo who took this fantastic photo (just look at the aura around Chris C). The photo in its full glory can […]

OneShow jury get trigger happy

In a period (2007) where digital has certainly not had a vintage year, the One Show jury issued a quite astounding 93 pencils (2007: 67) with a total of 23 […]

Blogs dead by 2022?

According to Future files: a history of the next 50 years. The book was written by Richard Watson and even thought I haven’t read it yet, some of the predictions made me chuckle […]

Malkovich Movie:Reprise

Hello socials. A while back I posted a little something about the site we were working on at Dare with John Malkovich. We had this idea to get him to […]

CS Sydney: "Surfacing digital in physical" by Dan Hill

Last week’s Creative Social saw a talk by (London-import and ex-Monocle, ex-BBC) Dan Hill with a good turnout and a very lively debate. Dan’s presentation called “Surfacing digital in physical” […]

Mauro Gatti. Funny guy. Great artist.

Yes. We were in Florence. But we were hard at work. The first afternoon Mark & Daniele even stashed us  in a cellar while it was 30°C outside. That’s where […]

2008 Skyscraper Festival

The guys at HYPtv* are running a unique festival of creativity on the Manchester Tower digital outdoor screen – at six stories high, making it the tallest in Europe. Included […]

D&AD Awards

It was great to see so many familar faces at the D&AD awards. Sam – thanks for ensuring that I was not the only one who turned up in black […]