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P&G – Advertiser of the Year

Some of you may have missed it but P&G was Advertiser of the Year. If want to find out the history of how this happened I would suggest that you […]

Cannes Cyber – Advertiser of the Year

Using the same point scoring as detailed in the previous post, which were the advertisers of the year. Well the top 5 are as follows: 1st= Emirates 6 (2 campaigns) […]

Cannes Cyber 2008 (Eurovision style)

Now that I have finally had a minute to compile the results* I can reveal that, looking just at advertising and viral (as I did last year) the UK has […]

Get your paints and cameras out for Beck's Fusions / Live Studio

We just launched first part of Beck’s Fusions 2008 with YCN. This is how it works: 1. Visit one of the communities 2. Create an artwork and shoot a film […]

Credit where credit's due

A really interesting article in AdAge about the credit that is given to digital production agencies. This issue is not new and first came up when Crispin Porter won all […]

TXTual Healing Debuts in London

If you are in London either tomorrow or Friday, feel free to check out part of our latest campaign for Channel 4 at the following locations: Thursday 26th June: Dray […]

Get Inspired

Here are a set of interviews conducted by Microsoft at the Creative Social lunch in Cannes: Matt P on cultural inspiration Tony H on Inspiration from Technology Driven People Gustav […]

Cannes win results in four new hirings for LMFM.

Uniqlock wins Titanium Grand Prix

Fantastic to see Projector win the Titanium Grand Prix for Uniqlock – good to see the judges award an online campaign. Well deserved

Best of Digital Winners

Now had a chance to have a look across the digital winners and although not much new in there, still some interesting winners. Here are some of my favourites: MINI […]