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Upon my command, unleash…..girls

I thought ya’ll might want to see something we have been working on here at Another Anomaly. It wouldn’t be an Anomaly project if it wasn’t completely bonkers in some […]

June's Creativeshowcase winner ..

.. is Poke’s quite brilliant Orange Balloon race. Jeremy Garner of LBi says ‘Makes the point in a simple, tongue-in-cheek way. There’s fun to be had in them there Orange… […]

Creative Social Milan

If you ever wondered what happened in local Creative Socials then here is a summary of what happened in the last Creative Social in Milan kindly hosted by Better […]

Martin Firrell – Public Artist

For those in the UK Creative Social here is an interview with Martin Firrell which I thought you my find interesting/inspirational. I think Martin’s great and I love his work. […]

RadioHead – House of Cards

Loving the new video from RadioHead for House of Cards. Created using 3D imaging technologies, it was released exclusively on Google over the weekend. Making of can be seen here. […]


Wordle is a fun toy which generates “word clouds” from text that you provide. The more a word appears in the text, the more prominence it is given. No surprise […]

SheSays NY is alive and well

After only 4 months of existence SheSays “state side” is alive and well. The NY group already has 240 members and in July will have speaker Tamara Giltsoff, Managing Director […]

Poetry with Paul Feldwick

On Thursday the UK Creative Socials enjoyed a really fun evening at the Union Club courtesy of The Garden Partnership. The Guest speaker was Paul Feldwick, former worldwide Planning Director […]

One Show Interactive Awards Judges Picks

Useful post from Micheal at Bigspaceship listing the judges picks from One Show Judging. Full list can be found here. As a big fan of Faithless I enjoyed the Coca […]

Lanza Brothers in London