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More Obama marketing brilliance

I am just loving the US election and the marketing that has been happening across it. Obama has got it so right and although we are going to be naturally […]

Creative Social Local – New York

It’s been a while since we met here at Anomaly with Steven Bliss and Matthew Johnson and then again at Ogilvy with Shepard Fairey, so we thought it might be […]

Opportunity to Contribute to Revolution’s Creative Review

I have been asked to do Revolution’s Creative Review in my Creative Social capacity and thought it might be an interesting idea to open it up to the wider Creative […]

Campaign Big Awards

On Wednesday night the Campaign BIG Awards were announced. Unfortunately I missed out as I was in Madrid but as always I hear it was a big night and quite […]

The Photographic Adventures of Nick Turpin

We have just gone live with a new project for the launch of the Samsung Pixon Camera Phone. We have a street photographer called Nick Turpin (real name) who will […]

End of Bootcamp – Creative Social Academy Update

Today marks the last day of the Hyper Island Creative Social Academy with people from all over the world and backgrounds attending the Boot Camp. A big up to all […]

Spelling change

I know that it seems like Obama is everywhere but I thought that this site developed by Poke New York was very simple yet very effective. It allows people to […]

Creative Social Sydney: Obama turns Pulp Fiction

Sydney’s Creative Social opened the floor and mic for the latest (and greatest?) from all willing participants. It was definitely cool to see what’s cooking or what has just been […]

Come on you closet Thesps!

The new flight from Dubai to Los Angeles premieres on the 26th October. So to advertise it we decided to make a short film that will Premiere at the same […]

Big in Japan

Nice outdoor campaign from Japan. The campaign is to promote a new Swedish reality show called Big in Japan. They hooked motion detectors up to a billboard, and when triggered […]