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Encouraging words – a working fertilizer? The Interactive Ketchup Growing Experiment for Heinz is putting the theory “Talking to plants help them grow better” to the test and everyone is […]

Best Loader

Hello folks First post nerves aside I’m feeling very upbeat and positive about Creative Social after the absolutely fantastic Shanghai event – a million thanks to Mark, Daniele, Daryl, Sean […]

Hieward Mak – Writer and Director.

Continuing the theme of young women making their creative mark in a new China we were given a glimpse of the future of Chinese cinema with the remarkable Heiward Mak. […]

Socialism is Great – Growing Up in China

The session with Lijia Zhang gave a fascinating insight into growing up in China from two different generations.  On the one side there was Lijia Zhang. She was born in […]

Heiward Mak up now

We are now listening to our final speaker (very sad that it is the last Speaker) although we still have a press conference and round tables. That speaker is the […]

Lijia Zhang up next

Lijia is the author of ‘Socialism is Great‘:

Jenny Ji Speaking

Starting our final day in Shanghai and first up is Jenny Ji, a local fashion trailblazer and founder of Lavie:

Creative Review covering CS Shanghai

If you want to learn more about what is going on and do not want to wait for write ups, Patrick at Creative Review is covering it as we go […]

Gary Wang AKA DJ V-Nutz in Da House

Third Speaker Yellymon

Do read the interview with LinLin if you missed it.