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December Creative Showcase Winner (UK)

I am (obviously) absolutely delighted to announce that Profero’s Cocaine basement work for Frank has won December’s Creativeshowcase award. Obviously it is always nice having seen the team work so […]

An Interview with Rory Sutherland

Interesting interview with IPA’s President Elect with regard some of the very big topics we talked about in Shanghai. Has some very nice points including recognition of the human tragedy […]

The New York Times catches up with Creative Social

On today’s New York Times there is a big article about Chinese Hip Hop. It mentions some of the people – and places – we had the pleasure to meet […]

Benrick at the London Creative Social

Last week Creative Social London was fortunate enough to host guest speakers Benrick – Ben and Henrik, a creative team who started off in advertising but, like many, became frustrated […]

Preloaders celebrated

Our friends at Big Spaceship have created a really nice site to showcase the best preloaders called Prettyloaded. Here is the spiel: Once upon a time, in a land of […]

Don't forget to enter the Mouse Awards..

as David from Microsoft so rightly says, let’s make sure our friends at LMFM don’t do the clean sweep yet again

Digital agencies have not failed ..

Flying into Shanghai for the Creative Social in November last year, you’d never have guessed that the talk round the table would be of failure in the digital market. As […]

The largest math shop in the world

I’ve just finished reading The Numerati by Stephen Baker and highly recommend the chapters about Lovers and Patients. The one about Shoppers and Workers we all know the drill. But […]

The next UK Creative Social

A reminder that the next UK Creative Social will be held next Wednesday the 14th January at LBi. Benrik will be our Speakers. Please RSVP to [email protected] if you are […]