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The next UK Creative Social

The next UK Creative Social will be held on Tuesday 31st March 7pm at Profero and will cover Fighting Climate Change Through Creativity by guest speakers including Lord Puttnam and […]

Click here you twat

Entering awards this year has given us an insight into how our agency has changed. There are hardly any banner campaigns. Most were not that good in their own right […]

Killzone 2 Webgame

Hey all, Republic has just launched an innovative campaign to promote PlayStation’s Killzone 2. The browser-based webgame works via a downloadable toolbar which means that you may be attacked by […]

It's all been said and done before.

However many marketing conferences belt out the same future gazing yawn fests one thing remains true – someone somewhere has thought it and said it before you. I think it […]

Uniqlo 1000

Site can be found here. Apparently showcases 1000 unique styles of real tokyo. I just couldn’t find them. Compared to other campaigns slightly disappointed. via Adverblog

Creative Showcase Jan winner announced

Well done to our friends at LMFM who won January’s Creative Showcase with a campaign for the National Year of Reading. Our own Piero Frescobaldi commented: The idea on paper […]

Barnado's Campaign

I really like the new online ads from BBH London for Barnado’s ‘Troubled Youth Campaign’. Although the tv campaign has been getting all the plaudits, I understand that the video […]


These days the buzz seems to be around utility – (creating things that are useful – beyond the products you are advertising which might be the actual thing that is […]

Forget the VW Lemon ad.

this ad stopped me in my tracks, it was on the back page of this weeks New Yorker. I am trying to de construct why I ended up studying it […]

Want this?

Enter this. Gold_Pencil Originally uploaded by Flo Heiss