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Will Glam, first music video ever shown on teletext.

Pedro Marín and Great Works present: The first music video in history for Teletext on Cuatro (Channel 4), Spanish national TV, on page 899 during the last week of May […]

That's Me That is (Antwerp)

Sorry for the delay but I have finally got round to putting together a post to talk about some of the fantastic work that was showcased by the agencies at […]

MINI Openness iPhone App

I am delighted to announce that the MINI iPhone application we (Profero) showcased in Antwerp, OPENNESS, has finally launched. The app is part of the latest digital MINI activity to […]

The SAS/SJ Fightbanner

Being one hour late to Creative Social Antwerpen (flight delayed but SAS came to the rescue), we never got the chance to show this banner we did a couple of […]

Creative Social in Cannes – The Good, the Bad & the really really Ugly

Yep we’re in Cannes again. The Creative Social lunch is as usual on the Wednesday. For those not familiar with it, it’s one of our breeding grounds. Good food, good […]

Holler doing it for themselves with Timebomb

Time Bomb – Interactive Graffiti (StupidKrap & Holler) from Mike Hill on Vimeo. A nice project from Holler – they have collaborated with StupidKrap, an urban artist collective around Ben […]

Flygbussarna (Swedish Airport Coaches), "50 cars or 1 bus"

A nice campaign from Acne Digital and Acne Digital (thanks Klas for sharing). Every day, thousands of cars travel to and from Sweden’s airports, releasing large amounts of unnecessary carbon […]

Live from Antwerp

CS Antwerp is live from above a legal brothel. We have 35 Creative Directors all in one room representing among others Agency Republic, Boondoogle, b-reel, Creature, Daddy, Full Six, Gringo, […]

Trads v Digs – who will win?

A couple of weeks ago at She Says the main topic of discussion was the whole ‘Traditional’ vs ‘Digital’ debate. I totally agree with Jo Hagger at Glue London when […]

Best of FIAP Awards

Courtesy of Jose-Carlos Mariategui – thanks (if you are interested in writing for the Creative Social blog please just let us know) The Iberoamerican Festival of Advertising (FIAP) presented their […]