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Great Mash-Up lets you listen to the latest music from cities around the world. At the top is the most active cities and the list is constantly changing as new music […]

Martin Cole, RIP.

Our thoughts are with the family of Martin Cole, as many of you know, passed away on Friday.  Martin was a force of positive energy within the industry and a […]

Spotify for iphone out soon

Former Daddy founder now CP&B Europe big wig and fellow Social Bjorn Hoglund sent a twit round for Spot the other day (available on Cydia) – However I just checked, […]

10 things to do for digital agencies

Nice piece here on 10 things to do for digital agencies. Nothing in there we have not discussed before at Creative Social although a very good round up. Especially took […]

Creative Social's Twitter Followers

A tag cloud of the Bio’s from Creative Social’s twitter followers. Get your own at Twittersheep. Remember you can follow us on twitter here.

Priceless Picks iPhone App

It won’t work outside the US but I thought I’d share this with you anyways… For the last decade, MasterCard has been celebrating the priceless things that surround us. But […]

Traffic Light Dance-Off

To inspire the local catchment area to attend Woking Contemporary Dance Festival on 24-25 July (which takes over Woking town centre for two days with its family-fun filled annual mini-festival), […]

How Hetero Are You?

  This is our latest campaign for Stockholm Pride festival, the site simply analyzes a person’s Twitter account gives an assessment of how gay or straight they are.  Just write […]

Spot the difference – Apple v Blackberry

The original ad from Apple: The new ad from Blackberry: Some people would call this theft

In Argentina, Pepsi Becomes 'Pecsi'

Another great campaign sent to me by my friend Fernando at BBDO Argentina – this time for Pepsi. They found that 25% of the population says Pepsi as Pesci so […]