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Mother's $10,000 Xmas present

An alternative Xmas present from Mother – first time someone has actually profited from an online scam tactic. Nice twist at the end. If wondering who Theo Delaney is, can […]

Stella's Ritual

In an effort to dramaize their pouring ritual, Stella have set up an 21 day painting project in central New York. which features a hand painted bill board depicting the […]

Pesci case study from Argentina

Pecsi Case from BBDO argentina on Vimeo. Nice case video from the campaign we reported back in July here of Pepsi becoming Pecsi in Argentina (Lars – you will be […]

Do they know it's web 2.0 (Tweet the world)

Our agency band Pipette of Sweat have recorded a Christmas charity single, with special guests. Watch it here And please dip into those big digital pockets of yours and donate, […]

Home Alone with Saatchi & Saatchi NYC's James Cooper.

Another in our series of what makes the big boys & girls tick. James Cooper has most recently bat n’ balled in his notable career with Dare and Another Anomally […]

Return to the doghouse

The sequel to the highly acclaimed Doghouse commercial for JC Penney. From Saatchi & Saatchi New York and over very own Coops. Supporting site was created by North Kingdom.

November's Creative Showcase Winners

Creative Showcase have released their November winner’s and here is my take on them… First place was awarded to the Trivial Pursuit Experiment by Tribal DDB. The website is part […]

Creative Social San Francisco – St. George Spirits Visit #cssf

After a day of meeting and talking to people that only do the stuff they really love doing (Blue Bottle, Pixar, as well as Brad and Michael the day before) […]

F**k Digital, Digital is Dead at Eurobest

On Friday Creative Social’s Mark Chalmers introduced our talk at Eurobest which was then given by Ted Persson & Tony Hogqvist. Despite a poor turnout for many Eurobest seminars, Creative […]

Invention session with Autodesk's Tom Wujec, lexicographer Erin McKean and inventor Saul Griffith #CSSF

After an official waffloff outside the Barrelhouse (free waffles! of your choice!) the Friday morning started with a 9 am session on invention. First out was an amazing session by […]