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Andy's Make It Right Art Auction

The 2010 International ANDY Awards has launched a 10-day eBay art auction to benefit Make It Right continued rebuilding efforts of the Lower 9th Ward in New Orleans. The auction […]

Nokia: The World's Biggest Signpost

The World’s Biggest Signpost from adghost on Vimeo. For those in San Francisco, this was the project that Nicke from Far Far presented now with it’s very own campaign video. […]

Liu Bolin and the art of Urban camouflage

Loved this art by Liu Bolin. More of his art is featured on the Guardian website. You can also find more details on the art of Urban Camouflage here including […]

A moment with .. Mark Cridge

The IPA have been doing a series of Moments with… and this month, one of our Fellows was featured and thought it would be rude not to post it here: […]

Superbowl Ads

Completely agree with James below that most of the Superbowl ads were pants. However I have to say that i did enjoy what turned out to be the people’s favourite: […]

The Superbowl and Twitter

The Superbowl has historically been the place for agencies to flex their creative muscles. I’m not sure what happened this year, most of the TV spots were pants. Maybe agencies […]

Saul Griffith interview – the genius from Creative Social San Francisco

saul stuck in my mind for sure. here’s more on this amazing and dedicated character. thanks to the marvelous, picture cody pickens. i’m sure there’s some sort of netiquette […]

Creative Social Britons

Last week Campaign ran a piece on Creative Britons, showcasing the people who are putting the heart back into Creative Britain and was accompanied by an image taken by the […]

Creative Social on linkedin

useful for notices and the ‘odd’ job post. just doing some cross referencing. join if you’re not already in. more likely it’s procrastination before we get deeper into organising Creative […]

Adidas Youtube Action

Interesting Youtube campaign for Adidas by RIOT Amsterdam. You can interact in a number of ways to see Dwight Howard get Faster. Stronger and Lighter: I particularly liked the unlocking […]