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Star Wars Currys. Wilkie, Fink, Bailey & the Droids

So we’ve all tried to open a script with ‘We open on a beach in Brazil’, others have gone for the cars – Tom Evans landed a Nike Ronaldo / Bugatti […]

What digital agencies are doing to ensure they are not the next dinosaurs

Earlier this year, in the article ‘Can the UK be the next hub for the digital production industry?’, one of the production heads said ‘digital agencies are becoming the new […]

25% off the book at Lulu

Until 29th November, you can get 25% off our book at Just type in CYBERUK at checkout (make sure bottom left is set to UK English and £Sterling). Remember […]

The Speed Camera Lottery

We previously covered the Speed Camera lottery by VW,, as part of the Fun Theory campaign, on this blog (Fun Theory taken to the next level). Well here is the […]

Meet Simon Wilkie. Star Wars fan.

So a few weeks back we offered up the chance to interview Graham Fink over M&C Saatchi’s latest work for Currys featuring C-3PO and R2-D2. Simon Wilkie is our man. […]

Our Second Book – Coming in 2011

Creative Social books are a bit like buses. We wait 6 and a half years to release one and before the ink is even dry, a second one comes along. […]

Flush Tracker

We’ve just launched Flush tracker an idea for Domestos, we were briefed to help raise awareness of World Toilet Day (no, not a joke, a serious matter, you ignorant bastards). […]

Influencers – How trends and creativity become contagious

INFLUENCERS FULL VERSION from R+I creative on Vimeo.

November's Creativeshowcase winners announced

Congrats to Glue London who picked up November’s Creativeshowcase for this slick 3D projection on the Toyota Auris Hybrid. Our very own Gavin Gordon-Rogers commented: “It’s great to see some […]

Compression – the essay that got away

Due to bad timing, the one essay we lost through the process of finalising the book, was the essay by Nik Roope (Poke London) and Iain Tait (Wieden & Kennedy) […]