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The Filter (revisited) #csbook

I had lunch the other day with a friend who told me how he sometimes walks into WHSmith’s and buys obscure magazines just for the heck of it – no, […]

Cool People Don't Use Twitter.

The guys at Brandwatch did a data vis of Glastonbury. Beyonce got the most mentions, she doubled Coldplay who were second. Then followed U2. None of these bands are cool. […]

Pick of Saatchi's New Director's Showcase

After a quite incredible show by Jamie Liddell, we were treated to a number of great films from new Director’s. Here are the pick of the bunch: Andreas Roth: Dirt […]

Instacannelions in 36 hours

On Tuesday we launched Instacanneslions, a nice neat way to bring Cannes to life in photos. Although nice to get another CS initiative under the belt (along with Gutterbarometer), the […]

Reaction to Cyberlions

When I walked out the Cyberlions my immediate reaction was meh – that was uninspiring. Not that there was not any good work in there, it was just that we […]

NEW MINI Coupé – Another Day. Another Adventure.

Cyber Lions Predictions

Tomorrow (Wednesday) we have our annual Creative Social Cannes lunch, as sponsored for the second year by our good friends at Adobe (thanks guys), and it is due to be […]

My thoughts from judging Direct Lions

Having just judged the direct lions it seems the digital conquest of the disciplines continues apace. Lord knows why none of us bothered to enter? What is clear is that […]

Cannes vs Tech Start-Ups. Did someone say bubble?

It’s about that time when people in advertising get really excited about the South of France. Yes, it’s Cannes. I’m en route, as they say, we are doing a few […]

The Internet, Used to be Fun. What happened?

Last month, five of our finest UK Socials came together to discuss their individual views on this subject ranging from virals from the early days of the Internet, to how […]