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CS Presents… You Lucky B****rds – Why we'd love to be starting out right now

People b**** and moan about how hard it is to get into the industry these days, how internships are unpaid, how you have to make tea all day, brownnose and […]

Creative Social NY Presents… We Welcome Characters!

What is a character? Some people are described as a ‘real’ character. Others, are said to ‘lack’ character. But what has this got to do with building brands and thriving […]

CS Interview: Michael Moszynski

Michael Moszynski is the CEO of  LONDON, a new type of global agency built for today. LONDON are currently running a competition offering £100,000 of start-up funding to a new digital agency, […]

Our Second Book: "The Best Piece of Advice Ever"

It was born of a simple yet fantastic question during one of our events, Creative Social Paris 2010. We were deep in the Marais, huddled around the legendary Jim Haynes, […]

Get ready for our brand new event 'Creative Social Sessions’

Sit tight and fasten your seat belts. We’re launching our brand new event ‘Creative Social Sessions and it’s promising to be one hell of a ride. For the first session, […]

Mobile App GoldRun Presents A Revolutionary Approach To Political Engagement With "Obama: #VisualizeTheVote”

Social and technology mediated political movements have demonstrated the power of the digital to govern the discourse in America. “Obama: #VisualizeTheVote is an innovative way to use smartphones and social […]

A fortnight of inspiration packed events

There’s an exciting couple of weeks on the horizon with some fantastic speakers landing in London. We’ve picked four of the most inspiration filled events happening around the city over the next […]

CS Interview: Alistair Crane

CS went to have a chat with Alistair Crane, the 26 year old CEO at Grapple. They are one of the UK’s leading Mobile app development agencies, described as ‘the public face of mobile’ […]

YunoJuno – Freelance recruitment 2.0

I have often wondered how the freelance recruitment process has remained unchanged, and unchallenged, for so long. How it seems completely impervious to the shifting shape and demands of the industry; particularly […]