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The Hoxton Window Project

Our friends over at Unit9 run The Hoxton Window Project, a fantastic initiative that brings visual life to their windows in all sorts of forms. Check out some photos of artist like Matt Saunders illustrating the […]

CS Interview: Michael Veitch

CS went to have a chat with rehabstudio Managing Partner, Michael Veitch. Can you give us an introduction to Rehab Studio? rehabstudio was set up about 7 years ago by the founding partners […]

Inside Views: Rehabstudio

CS Presents: A Prediction Of The Past. Time Isn't Linear. It Loops.

Time is a funny one. Inevitably, past, present and future are intertwined and influence each other. Sometimes it’s hard to tell where one began and the other started. But it’s only […]

Global Inspiration Day: Giles Walker

Giles Walker is an interesting guy. During his youth he was a full time member of the Mutoid Waste Company; a guerrilla art group who created amazing things out of waste […]

Global Inspiration Day: Niels Shoe Meulman

It was finally time to find out what the giant canvas that had been looming side of stage was there for. Niels Shoe Meulman is pioneer of the street art movement. In […]

Global Inspiration Day: Gavin Lucas

The last session before lunch at Global Inspiration Day was a mouth watering one. To say Gavin Lucas knows a fair bit about burgers is an understatement of super-sized proportions. […]

Global Inspiration Day: Mr & Mrs Smith

James Lohan may not be related to Lindsay Lohan in any way (not that we know of anyways), but his life story is still slightly mad. And brilliantly so. The […]

Global Inspiration Day: The Herdmeister

We’re all herd animals. In our current age, where the individual is king and people are prized for being different and making independent choices, we like to forget this. But […]

CS London: Belle Humble

Singer/songwriter Belle Humble is a fire cracker. At our Global Inspiration Day, her energy lit up the room, reflected off the walls and couldn’t help but brighten everyone’s, already pretty […]