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CS Partner – LBi

We’ve got a fantastic partner in LBi. Here’s what Chief Creative Officer and Social Chris Clarke had to say.. “For 10 years, Creative Social has been the best way to plug into […]

CS Partner – Source

We’re proud to have Source Recruitment as a partner. Find out some more about them here. “Creative Social Presents is a really special event where incredibly talented people share their knowledge and expertise […]

CS Sessions – Fredrik Forrest

The last, but by no means least of our luscious line-up of speakers, has worked in a HUGE range of disciplines in the creative industries. He’s since established himself as […]

CS Sessions – Gregg Mayles

Remember that time of your childhood when you spent hours and hours glued to your computer/ TV screen, frantically thumping the bottoms of a controller? When it was all about […]

Creative Social – San Francisco #1 (New!)

  Dear Friends and Socials We would like to let you know that the CS crew from Autofuss and Unit9 are hosting a Creative Social get together in San Francisco […]

CS Sessions – Mark Cridge

A belly-vibrating Whoop Whoop for  our next speaker in our CS Sessions line-up awesomeness: the eponymous Mark Cridge of former-glue Isobar-fame! He’s since moved on to be Director of Consulting […]

CS Sessions – Dr. Bertolt Meyer

This lovely gentleman spends his day thinking about a really quite fascinating subject matter: Bionics. Bionics means applying biological systems and insights from nature to the study and design of engineering systems and […]

Kickstarter – This Stool Rocks

This Stool Rocks launchesd on Kickstarter this week with the potential to disrupt the ready-to-assemble furniture industry.  Launched by, a new platform for the next generation of furniture designers, This Stool Rocks is the first in […]

CS Sessions – Grant McCraken

With enough geniuses to make our heads fuzzy, CS Sessions is promising to be another cracker of an event. (SECURE YOUR SEAT HERE.) The second in our line-up of speakers, Grant […]

CS Sessions – Kate Stone

Our first speaker, the lovely Kate Stone, is an officially certified genius with a degree in electronics from Salford, and a PhD in Physics and Micro-electronics from Cambridge. After being […]