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Monorex turns 9

Monorex are about to have their ninth birthday. To celebrate they’ve brought together more than 500 creative influencers over the course of a long weekend this June at the Hoxton Arches. The […]

4K in a Nutshell

If you haven’t heard of 4K TV yet, you will soon: 4K or ultra-HD television offers four times the resolution of an HD TV. While these televisions are quite expensive […]

Innovation Stories – Hamish Nicklin

I can never really remember his last name. He’s always just ‘Hamish from Google’ to me, nuff said. Yes, he works at Google, and that’s pretty frickin awesome. Is he […]

Innovation Stories – Charmaine Eggberry

At last week’s first ever Innovation Social we had the pleasure of meeting powerhouse Charmaine Eggberry – who not only has fantastic hair, but also told us the incredible story […]

Innovation Stories (write up) – Tom Savigar

Tom started off with a quote from William Gibson, “The future is already here – it’s just not evenly distributed.” He touched on the principles of anarconomy and what this […]

Innovation Social (write up) – Gavin Bell and Caroline Fox

Gavin and Caroline are just two of the guys behind Stoptober, an initiative to inspire the nation to have a crack at quitting smoking together during the month of October. […]

CS Interview – Sarah Buggle

  CS had a chat with Sarah Buggle, Hyper Island graduate, and winner of  Collective’s  ‘Collective Upstarts’ competition last year. Her idea, The Buggle launched this week.   How would you […]

Innovation Stories – John Willshire

John told the story of how he developed Artefact Cards, including the failures along the way, and how they helped him focus on making a better end product. He discussed […]

Innovation Stories – Alex Jenkins

Alex kicked off Innovation Social with a couple of really thought provoking points. Innovation can come from combining technology with a human insight. He showed the example of the BHG microwave, […]

Secret Cinema #20

Last week CS headed down to the deep south of London to experience the twentieth incarnation of Secret Cinema.  We don’t want to give too much away (hence the ‘secret’ […]