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Stealing fuel from the tank

There’s a lot of buzz about the recent phenomenon of the launch of Grand Theft Auto V, a game that has raised more than 1 Billion bucks in its first 72 […]

#CSreviews, Decorex 2013: Kensington Palace

Decorex International Luxury Design show has a new venue, Kensington Palace, new talent, Mitas & Co and new passion for interiors illustration in the form of textiles and wallpaper. Over 300 […]

#CSinterviews, Broken Fingaz

Last week we put up a post about Broken Fingaz, the Haifa-based psych-pop and street art collective (read it here). We thought we’d ask them a few questions…   How did it […]

Ten High-level Social Media Tips for Business Owners

With more than 1 billion active users per month, Facebook is one of the few true titans of the Internet. When one considers that users spend a disproportionate amount of […]

TENT LONDON Design Show 2013

TENT LONDON 2013: This year #Geometry is clearly trending in the skilled designer minds of the world’s Creatives and I am thrilled to say that the hungry appetite for up-cycling shows […]

Broken Fingaz in Amsterdam

Haifa-based and internationally acclaimed psych-pop and street art collective Broken Fingaz visited Amsterdam for a two-week project presented by Stichting MADE CREATIVE in association with Battalion and Andenken Gallery. Painting since […]

#CSsessions 2nd Oct, 9.30am – Lucie Greene

02 October 9.30am – 1pm Shoreditch Studios, EC2A 3HH [zilla_button url=”” style=”orange” size=”small” type=”square” target=”_self”] TICKETS [/zilla_button] Lucie Greene is Editor of LS:N Global, the forecasting division and trends network […]

Jekyll, Hyde & Digitality

“Nothing will ever be the same again”, “There is a before and after the Internet”, “There is no possible way to disconnect”, “It’s quite different to what it was like […]

Boon or Bust? Twitter Set to Try out T-Commerce

Shopping and Tweeting may soon become one in the same as Twitter is planning to set up a way to buy goods directly through the Twitter site. The L2 Think […]

The revolution will be educated

Today I go to school. School of Communication Arts 2.0 to be precise. In the coming weeks, up and down the country, aspiring copywriters, art directors and vocation-neutral creatives will […]