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Can you create the next Morphsuit?

Morphsuits’ wider costume brand, Morph Costume Co. is pioneering the first on-going ‘crowdstorming’ programme, driven by a NASA level scientific approach that creates, tests, and tweak hundreds of costume ideas […]

#CSinterviews Michael Ouweleen, creative mastermind at Cartoon Network

  How would you describe your job to an alien?
 Humans like drawings that talk, so I try to help get them out there. Oh, you’ve seen “Dexter’s Lab?” Cool. […]

#CSreview Knuckles, Edward Bishop

Begun in 2009, Edward Bishop’s Knuckles project sprung out of his fascination with the spectrum of expression attainable on a small, yet conspicuous canvas. As a professional photographer and filmmaker […]

5 Ways You’re Ruining Your Business Brand

Branding mistakes happen all the time and aren’t always obvious; fortunately, they can be fixed with a little bit of knowledge and adjustment. National cinema advertising network NCM Fathom explains in […]

The Lightbulb Series

What was the inspiration behind The Lightbulb Series? Edward and I had been making short films about architecture and design for a while before starting Lightbulb. We work with architects […]

#InsideViews Hub Strategy & Communication, San Francisco

Hit and Run DDoS Attack: Targeting the Human Factor

Contrary to popular belief, effective cyber crime does not just entail taxing network resources — it includes wearing out an organization’s human resources as well. “Hit and Run” DDoS arrives […]

#CSinterview Kenn Fine, Creative Director, FINE

How would you describe your job to an alien? I’d try a series of guttural noises, some hand gestures and facial expressions, and a simple recurring melody played on a […]

#CSseattle Day 1 write up

Our 21st global event started with a day packed full of inspiration. As always we began with ‘That’s Me That Is’, an opportunity for all the attendees to introduce themselves […]

What makes San Francisco special? #CSinSF

CS has been hanging out in San Francisco in the run up to #CSseattle this week. While we were in town we thought we’d ask some of it’s finest creative […]