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CS Presents… Reasons to be Cheerful – the report

Pineapples and cats Thea Hamren of Mr President is fairly convinced most reasons to be cheerful are related to cats on the internet, and who am I to disagree? Of […]

Creative Direction for Introverts

Creative Direction for Introverts By Nick Darken – Group Creative Partner at Albion   Congratulations, you’re a Creative Director. With your penchant for prolonged silence you may not feel equipped […]

#CSinterviews Tom Wilson

How would you describe your job to an alien? I take stories and try to tell them using a) words and b) a system of chronophotographic guns and zoopraxiscopial projections. […]

#InsideViews Absolut

Being an innovator is part of the culture at Absolut, the office was designed to reflect the co-workers from all over the world who make up the innovative creative motor that […]

#CSinterviews Clubhouse

How did it all start, and how did you get to where you are today? We started working together straight out of college. We moved to the Dominican Republic for […]

Why 2015 is the Year of the Smart Home

The tech world has gotten pretty good at pumping out smart phone after smart phone after tablet after smart phone after tablet… Naturally, the next step would be to integrate […]

Pearlfisher London Create Giant Agency Ball Pond

Commissioned by Karen Welman, Pearlfisher’s Founding Partner and Chief Creative Officer, JUMP IN! is an interactive art installation that promotes the transformative power of play. When was the last time […]

CS FRESH, London, 14th + 15th May 2015

We’re very excited to announce our first global event 2015 – CS Fresh. Taking place inLondon on 14th +15th May 2015, it will bring together the freshest talent and most brilliant […]

The Future of Sex

What I can say is, it’s not been easy writing about the future of sex. I’ve had to avoid numerous bad puns (which I’m happy to recount over a pint […]

Time to Stop Bitching and Start Fixing pt.1

Have you ever been burnt out? If you have to think about that or you’re not sure, the answer’s “no”. But what about this one? Have you ever felt like […]