Two apps for the holidays (if you like electronic dance music and/or vodka)

So my first post on CS will be a blatant promotion of the work of my current employer on behalf of our current clients. Like many of you, I am sure, we have been doing quite a few apps lately. Here are two released in rapid succession for two of our spirits clients (we work with ABSOLUT, Malibu Rum and Kahlu).

The first one – The DJ Music Mixer App for Malibu is a professional grade, free DJ app. Perfect for entertaining grandma over the holidays. Since we launched it a few weeks ago it has rapidly won the approval of the DJ community (phew!) and we have over 75,000 downloads, which we are very proud of. We will soon release it for Android as well, and for all the DJs out there, any suggestions on how to make the app even better will be greatly appreciate if it is sent to [email protected]

You can watch a demo here:

Download the app here:

The second one  is the iPad version of Drinkspiration for Absolut. This is our first iPad app, and although we were heading into new territory, we were in some ways covering familiar ground. We’d already created an iPhone Drinkspiration app in 2009 and followed it up with an Android app six months later. The free phone apps offered users over 400 drink recommendations based on location, taste, color and other options; the apps also allowed users to share their new favorites on Facebook or Twitter and we leveraged GPS capabilities to do show what people ordered around the world.

Whereas the Drinkspiration iPhone app was the ideal “going out companion”, the iPad ‘Home Edition’ is ideal for entertaining guests at home. We were hoping to inspire hosts and give them a useful tool to make their parties more memorable.

You can watch a demo here:

Here is a link to download the app:

So when your food coma is starting to set in, and you feel the party needs a little pick-me-up, you can treat your family to some sweet tunes and great drinks.

Happy Holidays from Great Works!

PS. We were named “Insurgents” by AdWeek

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