Creative Social Podcast: Flo Heiss and Hobart65 (aka Mike Williams)

“The future belongs to Babara Streisand”

Mike & Flo battle with BBQ

Here’s a podcast by Flo Heiss and Mike Williams. Flo discusses his ideas and views for the Creative Social book. Made in his back garden after a fine bbq, topics range from Barbara Streisand to the future of free media. Comments & feedback appreciated.

The podcast is 18 minutes (8MB)

We’re trying to open up the debate, so if you’re willing to take part in a future ‘Creative Social’ podcast please contact hobart65 [at]


  1. Clive Murray says:

    Interesting comments, both. I agree about Web2.0 being about a dialogue – I personally refer to it as “The Usable Web”, because we’re now arriving at the point where the web is actually a useful medium and allows you to do the things you wished you could do five years ago. It’s become an enabling medium rather than just an information repository.

    If there will be a Web3.0, I personally think it will feature things like offline web-enabled apps, built by the digital agencies like Dare and Profero, in new and emerging technologies like Adobe Apollo. Taking the functionality away from the browser, basically.

    Just a thought, anyway. 🙂