In your face (…couldn’t resist)


Since most of you are now on Facebook I thought I’d tell you about a project we’ve done with them.The page pictured here is for O2’s Favorite Place, a new tariff that comes with free calls from a designated postcode.

Because the tariff is great for people in pre-pay contracts (namely students) creating a group on Facebook seemed like a good idea.   In ‘The Battle for the UK’s favourite uni’ students get points to their unis by signing up to the group or by adding a comment or photo on the wall. The uni with most points will get an end of year party all paid for by O2. On the page users learn about the tariff in a participatory way.

At the moment the group can be accessed by invitation only and you need a uni address to participate.

As you know, having a brand on social networking sites is always tricky, we have to be super careful and super relevant. But we think we’ve achieved this by fuelling the banter between unis.

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