The Barrel House #cssf

Pereira O’Dell were our host agency last week in San Francisco and we were lucky that they were the holders of one of San Fran’s hidden gems – the Barrel House which was our main venue for the event – check out the photos here.

Picture 12

At 102 years old, this pre earthquake building was originally used as a wine warehouse for the emerging Californian wine industry. It was then used as a brothel before being bought up in the 60s by a commercial photographer named Ed Zac, known for his Western prints, who used the space as his home and studio.

Pereira O’Dell moved into The Barrel House when it opened it’s doors 2 years ago and started using it as a venue – hosting artists such as Martha Wainwright, We Are Sceintists and Wyclef Jean – who extended his set from 30 minutes to 2.5 hours – testament to the vibe of this very special venue. Check out his very special performance here:

On the final night to celebrate the end of Creative Social San Francisco we were rocking out to indie bands The Love Makers, The Trophy Fire and Scissors for Lefty. It was a very good night.

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  1. Christel says:

    That first picture of the art nouveau stained glass is gorgeous! Love it.