Banqueting at the R&G Lounge #cssf

On our first night in San Francisco we dined at The R&G Lounge – a Chinese restaurant located in Chinatown, San Francisco.

In contrast to The Orson – The R&G Lounge was a casual, brightly lit environment where highly efficient oriental waiting staff whizzed around at breakneck speed delivering huge platters of steaming food from a kitchen that meant business: keeping the speedy service going by talking into the ear pieces of every waiter.

Upon arrival, ice cold bottles of Chinese beers instantly appeared at our table and continued to flow throughout the meal. We liked this. After a small bowl of Chinese noodle soup to whet the appetite, the meal impressively commenced with the R&G Lounge’s famed Salt and Pepper Crab – living up to all expectations.

Picture 14

This was followed by crispy Peking Duck and then by Scallops and Steak Cubes in a Black Pepper Sauce. Next appeared a plate of Deep Fried Prawns served with Candied Walnuts – wow, pass the Chilli sauce please.

At this point we’re starting to feel pretty satisfied, but it’s not over yet…a dish of Fried Rice, a platter of Vegetarian Abalone (puzzling to most) with Greens and finally, the meal is completed as fabulously as it started with 2 huge steamed Seabass, served with head and tail intact and filleted at the table by our waiter. Oh if only we had the space to fully tuck into this king of fish – the morsel I tried was simplicity and flavour embodied.

If you do get to San Fransisco, we highly recommend this joint.

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