Creative Social Fanboy "Bass, How Low Can You Go?"

Creative Social is proud to present our next ‘Fanboy’ and its all about music, specifically BASS – How Low Can You Go?
Curating the night we have our very own creative director and recovering bass junkie Alex Lavery of P&S, the music creative agency. Alex invites special guests to share frequencies below the threshold of hearing and will demystify whether the brown note truly exists.

Its booming sound belies its mystery and with a story that transcends time and culture like no other sonic element, we explore why bass is so universally loved.

Tracking a path through the physics, its role in the history of music and its impact on culture, communication and the evolution of amplified sound, we want to share the beautiful qualities of bass that make us want to have music in our lives everyday.

“Bass For Your Face.”

Alex will be joined on stage by Tony Andrews, the founder of Funktion One, the world’s most respected loudspeaker manufacturer, and Jim Angell, who is one half of Sancho Panza, the legendary London DJ group and Notting Hill carnival sound system, as well as a soon to be announced special guest artist.

Your ticket also includes 2 beers to get you in the mood for some serious bass lines.


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