Creative Social in Australia

While I was in Aus last week, I got the opportunity to present to the Creative Social guys in Aus. Not quite as big as London but I am assured that this was simply a low turnout (felt chuffed with that given I was the speaker!). Creativeshowcase also seems to be going well and the UK Creativeshowcase judges will soon be judging on their best of the best. Looking forward to seeing a battle in the future between Aus and UK.

Anyhow it was also great to see one of the original Socials in Aus – Russ Tucker (3rd from right) is now at Tequila out there – good to catch up with him and hear about his personal project – The Viral Waistcoat.


  1. benhamin says:

    Daniele, good to see you in Sydney again… and learn more about how Creative Showcase is taking shape elsewhere in the world. Its always good getting a dialogue going on the work, the experiences and frustrations – especially over a beer.

    I think I speak for all the Australian Creative Showcase crew… if its a battle you want – bring it on!

    _ B

  2. Chris says:

    Nice to see your beardy face Russell.

  3. James says:

    Hello Russ. Hello Gillespe. Look after Pierre for me.
    JC x

  4. Russ says:

    Hello backatcha….

    Trying to hook up with Pierre and surprise him with a Nitin.

    And thanks to Daniele for Reprazentin Da WaistCoat..

    Iz nize!

  5. chrissyg says:

    Ha!! – JCdelafreak.

    Pierre has no idea what he is doing here. He can’t get his head round the fact that a two dollar coin is smaller than a one dollar coin but worth more?? Yeah I know….
    Russ, Nitin and Pierre are yet to reunite but it will happen soon. We’ll grab some piccies and post them up for you when we do. Say ello to Ale for me – Peace CG