CS Hamburg: Alexander Schulz

The Reeperbahn festival is the largest and most important festival for the music industry in Germany. It was founded in 2006 by Alexander Schulz who had been inspired by SXSW and decided he was going to set up a festival with no headliners.

It was a bumpy start, the first year they were expecting 50,000 visitors and got 8,000. Rather than give up they went back and reassessed the figures. Since then the festival has grown year on year has now branched out into arts and literature. ‘Now people have started to believe in the brand, we’re selling tickets before the line-up is announced’ Alexander told us. This reputation for quality has turned the festival into a showcase event with music export offices around the globe sending their latest talents to perform. The diversification into other areas has allowed the festival to grow further but Alexander is keen to keep music at its heart, ‘Everything at the festival is connected to music in someway, it crawls through everything we do’ he told us.

Reeperbahn festival is on 20th – 22nd September, check it out here.