Global Inspiration Day: Mr & Mrs Smith

James Lohan may not be related to Lindsay Lohan in any way (not that we know of anyways), but his life story is still slightly mad. And brilliantly so.

The Mr. behind Mr. & Mrs. Smith started his first business venture at boarding school. He ran a mini deli with tasty local bread, selling sarnies for a quid. He also started cutting people’s hair with a hairdressing kit he’d ordered from one of his mum’s catalogues – because short sides were just too cool.

After finishing school school, his creativity and aptitude for drawing drew him to fashion. But it soon turned out that it wasn’t the glamorous life he’d hoped for, and all the smoking was giving him a cough.

James’s next job in PR taught him how to write, market products and sell stuff: which was a perfect addition to his naturally entrepreneurial spirit and set him up beautifully for his future endeavours.

But lets not get ahead of ourselves… before he truly lived out his nature and did his own thing, a stint as a DJ for a hospital radio station came a-calling. Beating crowds of competing applicants (no, really), James made it through to the top 5 and won the gig. It soon led to his very own mobile disco and DJ-gigs at weddings, birthdays and kids parties. Which in turn led him to the turntables of South London’s finest.

Before we knew it, one of those fine venues was in the hand of James himself and a few of his friends. They opened up ‘The White House’, a private bar and club, which hosted a multitude of unbelievable nights – Boys R Us being only one of them.

The club went well and the nights were roaring. But James’s interests started to shift. Now married, he wanted to wine and dine his missus, take her to romantic locations and beautiful hotels.
Alas, not all in life is beautiful. Some shit hotel experiences and some magical got them thinking about why they loved certain places and what made them special. It got them thinking so much that they decided to start writing it all down.

And so the pair’s first book was born. They wanted it to be about couples, and what’s important to them. Together, and individually. What’s the best table in the restaurant and when’s the best time to get freshly baked bread at breakfast? Which bathrooms come with straighteners and which rooms serve a meat feast pizza on room service?

Their book was their baby, and when lots of publishers complained that it was too lux, too expensive to produce (“A gift card in a book? – It’ll be a nightmare in Waterstones!”), they wouldn’t budge. Those many many publishers that turned them down are now probably biting themselves in the butt. Because not only have their first and subsequent books been massively successful, but the whole brand is flourishing.

So, if you’re in for a romantic trip for two with that extra special something, hit up Mr & Mrs Smith

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