CS Presents…..NO! (to gamification, desks and many other things)

Last week we were privileged to have some of the most creative people I know speak at CS presents. The evening was creatively entitled quite simply NO! It was this open subject which led to a wide range of NO’s which are already adequately covered by a number of blog posts thanks to:

so no point in replicating the contents here. And you can see the full slideshare here:

One of my favourite No’s was posited by Sam Ball who said NO! to marketing bullshit. Just how many agency folk hide behind terminology and confound their clients with words that actually mean nothing. It made sense that we need to lose the bullshit terminology and just speak in simple understandable language. But then it hit me when Flo Heiss finished the evening by saying No to Gamification. Shit! – I love gamification. Have I turned into another one of those agency bullshitters? Or rather than the terminology per se, is it actually the misuse of it that we should have an issue with?

The reason I like gamification is that it summarises in a single word the concept of adding a gaming layer to real life activity for the purpose of changing behaviour (that’s my definition anyway). And more importantly I know it works – not because I have used it for advertising purposes (yet!) – but because it has changed my own personal behaviour. Nike + has made me run further and faster. Fitbug got me walking up the stairs so that I could earn my daily Pruhealth points (which incidentally paid for my PS3 at the end of the year). And now Nike Fuel is getting me to walk more and run more often.

All these things for me just tap into many of the concepts that were covered in Nudge, one of my favourite business books of the last 5 years. I agree with Rory Sutherland’s view that the industry can learn a lot from behavioural economics and it will be interesting to see how it progresses.

And going back to Nike Fuel, I personally cannot wait to see what happens next. I would be really surprised if at some point it does not become a currency which you can trade for exclusivity or discounts on Nike products – how about an exclusive trainer which you can only buy if you have a million Nike Fuel (I want one). Or as Andy Sandoz suggested at the end of his talk, how about a tie up between Sainsburys and Nike Fuel whereby you can only buy donuts when once have earned enough Fuel for that day – absolute genius!

Anyway thanks to all the speakers and everyone who continues to support us by buying tickets and being such a fantastic audience. Do remember to give us your feedback. Otherwise hope to see you at our next CS Fanboy event – a must if you are in advertising and love music. Tickets on sale here.

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